Tuesday 19 July 2016

Wild Bunch

Being away and having time to do some walking [we're not talking great hikes here....six miles is perfect for me], it's reminded me how much I enjoy it and how important it is to me. I try to get out into the great outdoors as often as possible, but the call of the grunt work and the guilt if it doesn't get done, keeps me behind closed doors more than I care to admit.

As far as I'm concerned a verge or field edge, as in this photo, trumps any floral arrangement artificially created by human hand.

Or this. Zingy Knapweed and Orange Hawkweed. These are growing in the churchyard at Clun and are part of the God's Own Acre project. This initiative encourages the cultivation of wild spaces in burial grounds in order to allow the natural flora and fauna to flourish. These are not created by sprinkling packets of wildflower seeds, but are the species native to that region.


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