Saturday, 2 July 2016

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Right I'm in a defiant trend bucking type of mood. Knickers to the maelstrom in the media and as for that lot who cheekily refer to themselves as politicians....frankly I've seen better behaved tantruming toddlers! Instead I'm concentrating on the small things that have made my day because, despite everything that's going on, there's still plenty for me to be grateful for and happy about.

Without any great thought three immediately spring to mind.

For starters there was the homemade popcorn seasoned with salt and smoked paprika or the fascinating free Futurelearn course about archaeology I'm currently studying. This is probably my favourite though. The bell rang first thing this morning and I opened the door to be greeted by these.

A bunch of flowers from a client as a thankyou for looking after her children for a short while for her earlier this week. Not necessary but very kind of her nonetheless.

Anyway for now it remains definitely a case of "Keep Calm and Carry On".


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