Saturday 30 July 2016


It wasn't a conscious decision as such, but whilst away the furthest we travelled from the self catering cottage was fifteen miles. Instead we spent our time pottering in the local vicinity exploring the towns, making small discoveries along the way, supporting local businesses with our choice of where we ate and with what we bought in the way of gifts. Being Scottish NT members led us to spend one of our days just up the road at Croft Castle.

Frankly the interior of the castle wasn't to my personal taste, but the big fat tick from this dame. There are various waymarked trails of different lengths around the park land from which to choose and seeing as the weather was, let's say a little mixed, one with coverage and not too long a hike was ideal for the day's conditions. Throw in the prospect of Croft Ambrey Iron Age hillfort and I'm in!

This particular route is noted for its stunning ancient more than delivered.

Copper Beech

 The Croft Spanish Chestnut which, along with other saplings, was supposedly taken from the captured Spanish vessles during the battle of the Armada [1588].

The lumps and bumps of old age.

Flora and fauna seen along the way. Beetles and harebells.

Old man of the woods watching over you.

And the Daddy of them all. The recently discovered Candelabra oak which is estimated to be 750 years old. I've included a piccie of my gurning next to it to give you an idea of its size.

As ever I left with a great sense of peace which I never fail to find in the woods of my homeland.


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