Wednesday 27 July 2016

Flitting in.

This wasn't quite the post I had planned to write for today, but events in real life [thankfully now fully resolved] conspired against me. No matter it can keep.

Instead I thought I'd share a new-to-me discovery with you. Last Saturday we were invited to dance at the Fleur de Lys's 40th anniversary bash in Godalming. It was a smashing day and I got to see the clog side Customs and Exiles in action for the first time. They took my breath away. Unlike the frenetic madness which is the bedlam border style of Mythago, they follow the North West tradition which started out in the mills. It is precise and long and I thought they were absolutely fantastic.
Here they are in action [they start from 51 seconds in]

On another, but kind of related note, another dancer approached me to say she reads my blog. I was genuinely gobsmacked and touched that she took the time to introduce herself. Sadly it was rather a rushed conversation as we were all about to go on so I didn't get her name, but thank you as it gave me a real boost. I "know" theoretically that people kindly read my witterings but I still can never really quite believe it if you know what I mean!



  1. Watching that brought back memùories from when I was involved in The Mysteries, a trio of mystery plays. Somewhere, all the cast were involved in a dance and we were taught that step (which I belierve is called "a rant"). You're right, it is very precise (and, I seem to remember, exhausting!)


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