Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Doom Not Gloom.

When one's dancing chum [he of the Uffington White Horse adventure fame] mentions to me that he's visited a church that day that he thinks will be right up my alley my little ears prick up.....

For there's one of these......propped up by a multitude of telegraph poles [why do we call them that...wasn't it telegrams everyone used to send?]

Along with masses of these........

But he overlooked this one....an unrestored doom screen with Jesus sitting on a rainbow and looking extremely worried.

This is St Denys in Rotherfield, East Sussex. It's off the beaten track and I may not have got there had I not already had other plans in place for my birthday outing. However, it's a funny old world and I took its proximity to our final destination as a sign that I was meant to drop by. Delighted I did now!


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