Thursday 22 June 2017

It's just not cricket!

When you are invited to perform at a folk festival you are given your slots in advance. Etiquette dictates that you turn up on time, share fairly with any other performers [it's a fantastic chance to see others in action] and don't overrun. Above all else you need to be mindful of the others around you.

Wimborne Folk Festival and this is Hunter's Moon. They are friends of Mythago and the other side which inspired me to get involved in all of this Morris madness in the first place. I should add that they are fabulous to watch.

Part way through one of their dances a very large, very loud marching band decided to strike up at one of the busking spots nearby. Such was their volume that they drowned everything else in the vicinity out. It's imperative that you can hear the beat if you're a dancer. Confuddled we stood there scratching our heads trying to fathom out how we were going to work round this one. It's not for nothing that we are known as The Dark Morris.....

"Please can you help us out in any way you can?" asked the stricken musicians.....why of course we can for Mythago has a secret weapon......the amplifier. Without hesitation we ramped up the amps, banged the drums and shook the tambourines like things possessed.

It had the desired effect though....we made ourselves heard. I really felt for the teams coming on after us as they didn't stand a chance. Appropriate feedback has been given to the organisers to stop the situation from arising again.

As I'm talking about all things Dark Morris related it seems like the perfect excuse to put up Steel Eye Span's song of the same name and another film with sides from our Border tradition [we aren't in it, but it's a jolly little ditty!



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    1. Yes hopefully it did. The band would be better approaching the organisers for a proper slot on one of the stages. There's plenty of room for all the different styles of music around the town.


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