Monday 26 June 2017


"Walk" the street art said in Exeter . So always being one to follow an instruction [depending on which way the wind is blowing] walk we did.....across a stretch of Dartmoor.

Dartmoor on a sunny day is a joy to behold .....standing stones from Scorhill stone circle. Unrestored there are 23 still upright. I simply enjoy the process of trying to get into our ancestors' minds and trying to fathom why they selected certain ones over others...was it the shape, size or were they simply hauling over what was nearest to hand. Questions with no answers.

One of the famous Clapper bridges. Believed by some to be Neolithic, it seems more likely that they were Medieval apparently. The river bed was a palette of colourful plants.

Baby swallows. Had the parent bird not swooped in on the wing just as I was there I would have missed this. They had been silent until then but created a massive hullabaloo once they realised food was in the offing.

And this which has been added to my very short list of Most Magical Places. Wistman's Wood. A fragment of ancient woodland with stunted oak trees and an SSI for mosses and lichens. It has been another place I have wanted to see for a very long time and once there, I was able to just perch on a boulder and drink it all in.

Any walk requires tea and cake to revive flagging spirits I find. We retired to the Two Bridges Hotel only to encounter Tony Robinson....I am guessing that maybe he was in the area recording a show, but certainly not the person I expected to see on a quiet mid week afternoon!



  1. Wistman's Wood - not been for years but yes an incredibly magical place :)

    1. Everything I had imagined it would be plus more!


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