Sunday 4 June 2017

Through St Richard's Gate...

It's not often you go through a gate in a churchyard and find this the other side......

A castle indeed. It was once the residence of the bishops of Chichester [St Richard was appointed in 1245] For the past few centuries though Amberley castle has been in private hands and latterly run as a restaurant and hotel. I was there forcing myself to partake of yet another cream's been a tough job spending the past nine months celebrating my 50th birthday, but hey I feel I've risen to meet the challenge admirably😊

If the truth be told I decided to book it when it was our son's birthday earlier this week as I wasn't quite sure how I'd be, it being his first one away from us and all that. In actual fact I was fine and we enjoyed the experience immensely. It's not a place one normally gets to visit unless one is there legitimately so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures. I seem to have taken a lot of ones with green in...this wasn't my intention, but just the way it worked out. The photo of the cones of the Monkey Puzzle is included simply because of the novelty of them.



  1. Love the amount of green - but is that a white or albino peacock? Happy extended (and teenogre's) birthday

    1. They don't have red eyes so aren't albino. Apparently they are bred for their whiteness. Some peacocks are a mixture of the normal plumage with blocks of white.


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