Tuesday 6 June 2017


Really 'twas a weekend of contrasts spent at our local quirky event the "Floral Fringe".  Saturday saw me dressed in a flowery skirt with a floral wreath on my head helping out on our green stand. Knowing how tedious it can be if someone verbally whacks you over the head with a mallet we don't preach at people [I hold my hands up totally as not being anywhere near as eco friendly as I could be], but just gently raise awareness by showing people how items can be upcycled etc. We had a range of chairs from Freecycle which had been upholstered in a patchwork of recycled fabrics together with bags made of old ties and the wreaths themselves had been made from artificial flowers donated by the charity shops [they don't sell well apparently]. Everything was for sale and people enjoyed chatting whilst purchasing. Sunday I was back in black with all my pagan bling on and DM shoes dancing with Mythago. Mind set completely switched to admiring the beautiful silver bird skull pendant one of my friends on the side had bought.

The event itself is very well supported, but is a tad too Country Living for me.  My Laura Ashley days both in terms of decor and dress sense have long since departed. Having said that I did take rather a shine to these garden ornaments....beautiful and a lot less noisy than the white one we saw at Amberley last week!

Weather wise it was glorious both days and we were able to give our coloured kits an airing during the final set.

This is an older photo but you can see where I took my inspiration for it from can't you! We are often complimented on the performances we give as we are fairly unusual within the the Morris world and have quite a following in some quarters. However, we are loathed by some [we do look quite creepy really, but we have a strong penchant for tea and cake behind the scenes!]. A quip I've just read about us on Twitter is that we look like dancing Vileda mops has made me guffaw....looking at some footage just put up [not mine so can't share it] that wag is just so right!!

This will be my final post for a few days as I'm pulling up the drawbridge here at Gnat Bottomed Towers and heading off on the grubby white charger for a few days of adventuring with Mr GBT.



  1. Brilliant, just love Morris dancers, wandering down a Whitby street to the shake of bells and stomp of feet. X


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