Saturday 11 November 2017

11th November

To mark the centenary of each life lost in the Great War a quarter peal is being rung in the village where Mr GBT is a ringer. Each one takes 45 minutes to complete and there will have been 31 done by the time we reach November 2018. Tragic and sobering.

The photo is of an Anglo-German tapestry designed by Ursula Benker-Schirmer. It was stitched both here in West Sussex and Germany and took three and half years to complete. It's theme is one of reconciliation and it now hangs in Chichester Cathedral.



  1. What an amazing tapestry, I've never seen that one before, it's so striking.

    I heard something on the radio this morning about how more bell ringers are being recruited, the number that we lost during the war I think. You would probably know more about that than me. Hearing the bells for those lives lost will certainly make people reflect.

    1. No I hadn't heard about the bellringers so thanks for that. I think you're right about the ringing making people think as it makes the name back into an individual once again.


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