Thursday 9 November 2017

You've been reframed!

Which part of my brain thinks it's a good idea to change the frame on a picture on a whim half an hour before you have friends arriving for brunch....mine apparently. I can confirm that it is definitely not a good idea, because you find out that the mount has faded and this fact shows up nicely within its new setting. Ho hum.

After a couple of days of pondering, I came up with what seems to have been a quick and cheap fix. Having lopped off the nasty mark and reduced the size of the mount I set to with ruler and pencil in hand to draw out a very simple Viking design I'd seen on line [artistic is not my middle name] which I then drew over in two shades of gold pen. It doesn't bear too close an inspection, but it's worked out fine and is now hanging in my front room [note to self...must reposition it so it's equidistant from the top and bottom!]. The frame came from a box marked free outside a former art shop in the town and the image is of the lovely St Nectan's Glen in Cornwall.


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