Thursday 2 November 2017

The good, the bad and the ugly.

After the exquisite ceiling knew it could only go one way didn't you and that was never going to be up!

The Lady chapel in Ely is the biggest in the also has some of the more "out there" roof bosses I have seen in my time [and I have seen a few believe me]. One wonders with some of these whether their creators had been on the henbane beer....

It all starts off rather well.....most jolly and wholesome....

But, then it begins to nosedive with this array of maverick characters.....

Before we get to the ugly....hand on heart, I have never seen the like before. Actually I find it quite disturbing and it feels like a dire warning against man's proclivity towards deviant behaviour. However, it's much smaller than the others and so high up that its detail couldn't be seen with the naked eye. As someone commented on the Strange Things Found In Churches group over on Facebook it may, of course, be nothing more than a Medieval depiction of the measles! If you have any other theories please do share!

Well what more can I say?👀



  1. Replies
    1. They are pretty grim aren't they. As for that last one....plain horrible!

  2. Well ... Looks rather like some of the local lads in our neighbouring town.....

  3. I love 'em! Those hanging out tongues remind me of Hindu deities. xxx

    1. I wouldn't have made that connection had you not said so, but yes and they would have predated the Christian version. Cheers for that Vix!



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