Monday 11 February 2019

It's that bloke off the telly!

Perhaps you have seen the recent BBC2 series called "The Victorian House"? I watch so little TV that I think I might have caught a trailer for it and thought vaguely that I might catch up with it, but clearly hadn't done so when I spoke to this very friendly chap at the Repair Cafe.

A fellow volunteer/friend has a dollshouse and we were laughingly confessing how dusty both our houses are. With what my husband does for a living and my job as a cleaner I should perhaps be more embarrassed, but I don't give a fiddler's flute. My real house is pretty clean so that will have to do and besides I have just repainted the outside of it....dusting with a paintbrush will have to wait. I was showing her the photos of my furniture when she called this fellow over....

It transpired that this fellow is another local cabinet maker and I was admiring the photo of the Sussex Chair he'd made [you can see where I'm going with this can't you!] and when he asked me if he could pop by one day and see the my stuff for real [it's a step up from the photos] I readily agreed. We've shown many people what we do over the years. Still not having a clue who he was that's how I ended up with Abi popping in to GBT on Friday!

What a lovely fellow he is. Mr GBT and he enjoyed an hour of talking woodworking tools, techniqes and workshops. That chair he completed on the programme took two solid nights of no sleep and working through to complete! Purely by chance Mr GBT had just finished his latest piece so he was the first person to see long last the lady of the dollshouse can sit down in all her finery and play at the piano.


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