Thursday 7 February 2019

Looking All Wash[ing]ed Out

TYM sent me the footage of a black cat [terrified by the looks of it] tearing across the pitch at the Everton v Wolves match last Saturday with the comment....."best check where Humphrey is!" I reassured him that it couldn't possibly be our gentle giant as, along with his brushing duties, he's now added "Airer supervisor" to his CV.

I only have to put the basket of clean laundry down and that cat materialises out of thin does he know I wonder. Anyway his "helping" consists of weaving in and out of the clothes as I'm trying to hang them and then darting back and forwards through the airer in the hope of a cuddle or at the very least a stroke in passing. Just as well he's such a dear and his antics make me laugh as he's a right Royal Pain!

All this extra responsibility has left him exhausted, so, no, he won't be appearing at any football matches in the near future!



  1. Yes I felt sorry for the footballing cat - he probably thought he'd nip out for a quick piddle on that lovely lawn he used yesterday and blow me he had an audience!
    Mine loves getting into the laundry basket after the clothes have been hung up and transported back down to the kitchen - makes her feel superior!

    1. She sounds like the perfect feline diva!

  2. Replies
    1. He is very endearing...much less temperamental than the female cats I had before.


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