Friday 15 February 2019

On the fridge door.

It was never really the plan to have a collection of fridge magnets, but they seem to have been quietly multiplying over the years. I remember making the planets with TYM when he was a nipper and definitely buying the repro war sign about tea drinking.

TYM has been one a one man mission to keep his old Mother supplied with magnets and usually he brings one back from his travels [the naffer the better!]. The black cat was the latest one from his summer holiday. He's off to Uganda for two months later on this year to do more of his volunteering ..hmm wonder if he'll be able to track one down there. Might prove to be a bit more a task!

Have a good weekend!



  1. We have three fridge magnets, and one of those is stuck to the dishwasher.....Not sure why! Sometimes I get envious and sometimes not of people's fridge magnets. But having an under-counter fridge you cannot really see them

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. We have a motley crew of fridge magnets - however you can hardly see them for all the paper/reminders/shopping lists/etc etc they hold up. In fact you can't see the fridge either ....

  3. My fridge magnets are on the side of the refrigerator and hold all the things I don't wan tot forget that are coming up. I have a few quirky ones form trips or gifts that are fun to have out but not too out.

  4. Ive just counted and I have 6 fridge magnets that I have had for years.A cat one..,a stone coloured heart..A Stratford on Avon one...a Billy Bear one..a clip on to put shopping list in...this one only holds 2 pieces of paper then drops off the fridge!.The only interesting one is an old gypsy coin that was found in a caravan that I had about 20 odd years ago.It was wedged into the rubber around the door and I only found it on the day I was selling the caravan!xx


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