Wednesday 6 February 2019

Over on the building site.

It was a hectic weekend what with being out both evenings, the Repair Cafe and then a big climate meeting afterwards, so what I definitely didn't fancy was going anywhere far in the car. Any adventures on Sunday needed to be local and within spitting distance of home.

There's lots of new builds going on around here at present which I flash past in the car normally, but I had a vague recollection of some public artworks having been put in within the last few months. We took many photos, but I'm just going to limit myself to these few and are a ten minute walk away. The oak sculptures are the work of Walter Bailey and are inspired by foxglove seeds. There are holes drilled into them to provide homes for insects and solitary bees.


1 comment:

  1. They're fair impressive. Like that they are insect friendly too.



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