The fruits of my labours

Another first for me in the Make, Bake and Create challenge. Inspired by the beetroot and orange curd cake I enjoyed recently I put the slow cooker to work and made some of my own orange curd. I had to wing it a bit using a combination of lemon curd recipes I found, but the end result has worked. If I do it again I'd sub one of the oranges for a lemon as it's just a bit too sweet for me and the reduction would produce less juice. Much simpler that standing over a boiling stove for ages though waiting for it to thicken...I was not blessed with the patience of Job!  I've frozen one lot to use in a cheesecake further on down the line.



  1. Looks yummy! I’ve never made curd using a slow cooker, I must give it a try. X

  2. That looks gorgeous. Because of the colour of the yolks of our hens eggs that's the exact colour my lemon curd turns out, so it would be confusing in the fridge :-)


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