Friday, 15 March 2019

A graven expression

A quick pit stop as we were passing turned up this 18th marvel in Ardingly recently. It's not everyday I come across a gravestone with some poor woman being stabbed by a lance wielding skeleton! Unfortunately, beyond establishing that it is very unusual, I haven't been able to find a backstory to this one and as we were pressed for time we failed to take a photo of it in its entirety. It was a rather thrilling and unexpected surprise.

Hope you all have a smashing weekend.



  1. I stumbled across a similarly odd one in a tiny churchyard on one of National Trust jaunts. There's various theories bandied about on t'internet but the common opinion is that it was a Memento Mori reminding people that death was inevitable rather than anything sinister. xxx

  2. I love looking at grave stone inscriptions. We have one in our cemetary that reads 'Where ever you be let your wind go free, for that was the cause of the death of me' lol.
    What did he die of I wonder?


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