Having a blanket day.

I had to laugh when this came up on my FB feed last week as I can ahem relate to most of those captions. His Plumpness was definitely in the same boat on Sunday......

With a face like thunder he tunnelled into the blankets [this wasn't a posed shot] on our unmade bed...such was his temper that I left the grumpy git there and didn't attempt to make the bed. I didn't fancy getting a scratched hand....after a five hour cat nap he emerged somewhat sunnier to begin his teatime campaign. His mood has been much better since I am pleased to report.



  1. Ha! That's a brilliant shot of Humphrey. Send it to Vistaprint and get a mug made (like I did for Jon's birthday!) xxx

  2. Yup! I’m definitely a cat. Purrrrrr......

  3. Lol!!,I loved the one where there is a lovely cat bed..and the cat lays in a cardboard box instead!Your cat looks very comfy too with his...Dont you dare move me..look on his face,lol.Making the bed in my house is a nightmare too,because there is always one or two of them laid there.Changing the sheets and quilt cover can also turn into a full day job as they all think that its some sort of game!xx

  4. So cute-love the little kitty in the bottom right corner! I may also be a cat.

  5. I'm a dog person, but unfortunately have Lucy who is positively worse than any cat. Cats have their own personalities of course but His Plumpness is taking too many liberties.


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