Going like the clappers

I have a long weekend of work coming up so there will be no opportunity for getting up to any mischief.  Thankfully TYM is home now and is beyond the age of throwing a surprise party whilst his parents are away. It's lovely to have him back as we hadn't seen him since the beginning of January.

I should point out that he doesn't normally look like an extra from Peaky Blinders. He was dressed up for a uni event!

Have a good weekend!



  1. My word TYM has 'grown up' somewhat! Mine did that whilst at uni - it had a magical effect on his dress sense, cooking and his survival-ability blossomed beyond a 'trying not to be too protective mum' level!! Have a good (busy) weekend x

  2. I reckon you could squeeze a bit of mischief in! How nice to have him back from uni! Love his outfit!


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