Thursday 19 September 2019

A Welcome Break

Now the dancing season has slowed down once again Mr GBT and I seem to have been rather frantically trying to catch up with domestic stuff here so we haven't travelled far. At the weekend both of us decided we had earned a breather, but didn't want to lose a whole day. We are very lucky that we can walk from our home out to the nature reserve within half an hour. It might be a well trodden route, but change is always afoot. I chose the word "welcome"  in the title because rather weirdly we encountered it twice on our break!

Our first welcome sign made of horseshoes. It took me a moment to realise what it actually said.

 Now can anyone explain this one to me. Why has somebody gone to the trouble of screwing three golf balls into an old tree stump...perhaps it is literally a load of old balls!

We weren't the only ones out enjoying the sunshine. I know pigeons get a bad press, but I do have to admit that I do have a grudging respect for them. Just because they're successful it doesn't make them rats with wings as some refer to them.

This is a dual purpose sculpture designed by a Lewes based artist called Will Nash. Reusing old stone that had been removed from the Peace Garden in the town, he supervised its building by the Green Gym volunteers. It will provide a roost for overwintering bats as the stone maintains a constant temperature inside. It's called the Bats Bothy.

Guelder Rose Berries. That crimson colour sums up the beauty of the changing seasons for me.

This is another new flower for me. It grows in water and is called Arrowhead after the shape of its leaves. I prefer its other name of the Fried Egg Flower.

This was our final welcome picked out in fircones on the forest floor and very welcome it was too as we turned round to start the journey back to GBT.



  1. Hi, maybe who ever screwed those golf balls to the tree stumps think they look like pearls in their shells. Heather

  2. I know one thing, I wouldn't like to take a rest on one of those tree stumps. lol



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