Tuesday 17 September 2019

Another one off the list.

Mr GBT and I have a long running joke that whenever we visit one of the hides in our local nature reserve somebody will turn round and tell us that we've just missed the kingfisher. It's reached the point where my husband was seriously considering leaving his camera behind on our most recent trip, but he shoved it in at the last minute. Just as well he did....

At last Lady Luck was on our side. Mind you there were a lot of shots of a kingfisher's bottom as it dived into the water too. So it's another one off my list of birds I want to capture on film...just the jay now. The standing joke with that one is neither of us ever have a camera with us when we see one...perhaps that will change in the future too. Here's hoping.



  1. No bird says India more than the Kingfisher and the peacock, they're always the first photo I take when I get there! Great spot. xxx

  2. Cracking photo Aril - such beautiful birds.

  3. It was worth waiting for - beautiful bird and great photo.


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