Monday 9 September 2019

Feelin' Groovy

You would think that it would be near impossible to not be able to find your car in the car park. However, I have achieved this feat on more than one occasion. It's not a common occurrence, but from time to time I have borrowed my parents car and then forgotten and gone looking for ours instead. However, even I would struggle to lose this one I think.

I saw this parked up on Saturday when I was making my way down to volunteer at the Repair Cafe [I've been away so much with the dancing over the summer that I haven't been since April] and simply couldn't resist the temptation to cross the road and take a photo even if I did only have my rubbish camera phone on me. This is my idea of a perfect paint job and I'd have it in a heartbeat. Instinct tells me though that TYM and Mr GBT may not be quite so starry eyed about this little psychedelic beauty!



  1. Well even though I hate driving these days...I would have jumped at the chance to own that car!.Groovy man!!,Now I will have that song Feeling Groovy going around in my head all day,lol,Thanks for sharing the photo Aril,Its brilliant!,xx

  2. Oh that is fabulous Aril, I'd be happy to drive it around too..

  3. Groovy! Wonder what the horn sounds like? And what would be a suitable bobble-head for the dash?


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