Monday 23 September 2019

Thoughts on the road.

Well that's it for another few months....TYM is back at his uni house [final year!] and his parents are home again. It's a long haul stuck on the motorway which gives my skittish brain oodles of time to ping about all over the's a small selection.

Spotting the female names on the Eddie Stobart lorries...that's a way of filling in a few seconds which amuses me. Apparently I find that I have very strong opinions on whether I like the choice of the name or if I can do anything about it! Is this the equivalent of train spotting I wonder? There's an official club of 35000 people who do exactly what I do. The only difference is that I don't record them and I only ever do it when I'm stuck in the passenger seat on a long journey.

A sign which warned of " bridge pier repairs" led to Mr GBT and I discussing which bit of the bridge is the pier. We both reckoned [rightly] that this was the upright does this mean that the pier part at Brighton is the upright bit then and not the bit we all promenade along in search of chips and fluffy pink candy floss? I still don't know.

Coloured traffic cones....when did they expand into another range beyond orange and white? Green and white, blue and white and most thrilling of all a green and purple one with...wait for it....a purple light on top. I am ridiculously pleased by such novelty.

How do people reach over the side of bridges on the motorway and manage to graffiti the words the correct way up even though they must be writing upside down?

What on earth is goblin racing? That I now know is some type of kit car which runs on electricity and is used for racing.

Finally when a distinctive orange car overtook us...that's not a car colour you would want to commit a crime in!

I have to say I did really enjoy watching the red kites circling above us and no I didn't share all this nonsense with Mr GBT. I left him to concentrate on the driving!


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