Wednesday 4 September 2019


This is one of the gifts TYM brought back from his recent working trip to Uganda. He managed to fit in a day long safari and had an incredible experience seeing hippos, elephants, warthogs and lions. Sadly his two month stint came to a rather abrupt end when there was an outbreak of Ebola in the area he was based, so he was transferred to Kenya for the final three weeks just to literally be on the safe side. Sadly the family involved lost several members to this horrible disease.

It was a hairy moment for us as his parents [we were away on holiday], but if you've got a kinderling that is intending to do International Development as a career then I guess this sort of thing goes with the territory. His experience has only strengthened his resolve and shown him that he is far more resilient than he realised. Since he's been home he's been back working at his old job in Horsham full time and then he'll be back to start his final uni year up north later this month. It will quiet here once again at GBT as his Father and I readjust to it just being the two of us again.

Speaking of giraffes I read in a back copy of Sussex Life last week about one Mr Nick Harvey from Crowborough. His presence on Twitter is well known apparently for his marvellous photos which quite unusually feature the "Sussex Giraffes". Some more gullible souls have believed that we do indeed have our own county herd.
Try as I might I've never spotted them myself!


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