Three things I didn't know last week.

Exhibit 1

I like to photograph these old painted advertisements on the sides of buildings whenever I get the opportunity. They are part of our heritage, but frequently overlooked and neglected. Personally I would like to see them preserved. Many are in danger of disappearing completely if we're not careful I fear. This one reemerged in Horsham after building work was done and has been left exposed for people to enjoy. Now I know that these are called ghost signs.

Exhibit 2

My friend E tells me these are called eyebrow windows [seen in Sullington]. In my ignorance I would have just called it a I shall be able to stick the word eyebrow in front of it and pretend I know about such things!

Exhibit 3

I took this photo of this decorative effect in Compton, Surrey just because it added textural interest to the brickwork [I can imagine my 20 year old self rolling her eyes at what a dullard I have become in my senior years!] The mortar is inset with little chips of stone. The correct term is galleting apparently.

Wonder how long before this all falls out of my noggin once again!



  1. My dad always said if you learned something new, it was a good day. I think in our 2nd half of life, we should keep trying to learn at least three ne things we didn't know the week before.


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