Tuesday 26 November 2019

A Whole New Hole

The time had come and we could put it off no longer....our side of the fence wasn't going to withstand another winter of high winds and bad weather so we had it all done this week before the really inclement conditions are upon us. The fencing chap wasn't in the least bit surprised when we asked if he could leave a special hedgehog hole at the bottom to allow these little prickly marvels an access point. Apparently this is an increasingly common request. Next stop a house for the hoggies.

When we moved here we always had hedgehogs in our garden. Sadly I don't know if they still come. Our visiting bird numbers had also dropped dramatically, but persistence with the feeders has paid off and we've enjoyed visits from long tailed tits and nut hatches along with our more regular visitors this week alone. It's a hive of activity on there these days and I had a robin shouting at me yesterday. He kept flying over to the empty seed tray and then scolding me. I took the hint and filled it up for him! We've had success with our new bug hotel too this summer so I am hoping that by putting the infrastructure in place and supporting our spiny friends it may tempt them back.......


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