Wednesday 13 November 2019

The revenge of the Blue Bonnet!

The bird table we put up last year is proving to be quite a hit with our avian friends these days. When the noisy boys [starlings and pigeons] aren't around we get a good range of the smaller ones and we've been enjoying the antics of the nuthatches and goldfinches recently. Even when the squabbling masses are there the quieter birds have learnt to quietly perch on the far side of the feeders where they can fill up without interruption and competition. You do learn a lot about the pecking order by observing them as we do with our morning coffee.

Last week one of blue tits broke rank and uptipped the balance. Clearly fed up with the pigeon's [I like pigeons by the way] vast backside taking up the whole of the table and not allowing it a chance to get at the tasty mealworms it pecked it on the rump. The pigeon was so startled that it flew off in shock! Bluetit 1 Pigeon 0



  1. We have a feeder in the Bijou garden but so far not many birds have taken it up. I think the presence of the cats puts them off. Maybe when it gets colder they will use it, in the mean time we just keep changing the seed and giving the old stuff to the pigeons on the prom.

    1. We found that you need to have the feeders higher so the cats can't jump up and catch the birds in mid flight and the birds need somewhere close like a big bush or small tree where they can hide and then dart out when the coast is clear. Arilx


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