Thursday 14 January 2021

Going back

 Please feel free to skip this post, but I'm returning to the last blog post to update what these shields represent as a local historian has now very kindly provided me with the details. Part of the way I use the blog is to record these local details for myself. Going from left to right the first one is the flag of Sussex. The six birds are marlets which are mythical birds that are depicted without feet and never roost. The lady is the Virgin Mary depicted as the Queen of Heaven. This is the Blazon for the Worshipful Company of Mercers, of which Richard Collyer was a member. The next one is for Henry VIII who was the monarch at the time of Collyer's bequest in 1532. The flowers are white lilies that represent St Mary. Our parish church of the same name has close connections with the college and finally the lion is the coat of arms for Horsham.

I will try to put up something a little less dry tomorrow!



  1. That's a good update. And, the blog should first be for you.

    1. I do sometimes have to remind myself that I always swore that if I wrote a blog I'd be writing for my own reference and about what I like first and foremost to keep my voice authentic. Arilx

  2. I don't ever think that you should apologize, Aril. Quite honestly, that is what I love about your blog. You pay attention to details, note them carefully. Of all the blogs I read, yours is generally the one that sends me running off to google to have an 'explore'. I like that a lot.

  3. Your explanation brought out other 'worlds' of connections behind these shields, which is why shields were useful in the first place. Thank you!


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