Saturday 2 January 2021

The first day of 2021

Mr GBT and I have enjoyed doing what we do best today.....quietly chatting through plans and scheming. In between this we undertook a mammoth cooking session. He had a sudden urge to see if he could cook a fruit bread in the slow nature he's much more adventurous than I am in the kitchen so with a bit of tinkering he's come up with a very moreish loaf. I, meanwhile, was chasing up every leftover, lurker and community fridge bit of food I could find and get it all processed whilst the oven was on. Mission accomplished I am pleased to say.

In between whiles we have headed out for a local stroll to another nearby village [Broadbridge Heath].....muchly grateful for new Aril type things jumping out and badgering me for attention all the way round.

I've noticed this rusty pick-up a few times when I've driven past on my way back from work, but this was the first time I'd had the opportunity to get a proper look at it...turns out that's not just corrosion I'm looking at, but a proper effect that you pay good money for! Shows how little I know. As for the Reliant Robin.....I hadn't seen one of those in years. They seemed to be everywhere when I was a kid in the 1970s.

This is St John's. The shape is most unusual and is based on the "tent of meetings" from the Old Testament apparently. It was designed by James Ralph and consecrated in 1963.

Being on foot allows me to subtly sticky beak at people's houses. These are today's offerings. The beautiful handpainted flowers were on a fence and part of one of the NHS/rainbow artworks from last Spring. As for "Mildew" cottage....all I can say is that it makes a change from Rose Cottage I suppose....I would so love to find out if there's a good story that goes with it!

The only berry that can truly call itself purple as far as I'm concerned.....Callicarpa.

To finish up we walked a new bit where a parade of shops has gone in as part of one of the latest housing estates round us. This new piece of public artwork is by Tim Nash and is called "Bridges". The underside of each arch has a series of favourite photos chosen by the residents which show the history of the area.

A most excellent start to this year's walking adventures.



  1. Quoting that great American philosopher, Yogi Berra: "You can see a lot, just by looking." The things we miss by zooming by in vehicles includes those marvelous flowers, the figures in the numerals, and the photos on the undersides of the "Bridges". (And Mildew Cottage? Puts one in mind of Richard Mildrew and his late-life adventures as a home-owner.)

  2. You must have been in seventh heaven! Happy New Year Aril! x

    1. Absolutely! Happy New Year to you too. Hope you are feeling better now. Arilx

  3. Happy New Year! What an interesting walk. I think we're noticing those little local things all the more recently, in the absence of adventuring further afield.
    Plastic Pigs aka Reliant Robins are still quite common here - they hailed from Tamworth, just up the road from Walsall! xxx

  4. I’m excited for a walking meetup tomorrow with friends. If we are 6 feet apart, we’re not technically walking together, so believe guidelines are followed and safe. Interesting patina on the truck.

    1. Hope you enjoyed meeting your friend. Social contact even if it has to be at a distance is so welcome. Arilx

  5. I went through my fridge and gathered up all the vegetables and chopped everything and put it into the slow cooker with the left over roast and gravy, and it turned into a very nice stew. I turned the left over buns into garlic bread. My fridge is cleaned out, and we have a nice bit of stew left over for lunch today.



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