Monday, 31 May 2021

May Moths

Lunar Marbled Brown

Powdered Quaker 


Pale Prominent

The weather in May this year has not been conducive for moths and I have also learnt that you should not put the trap out too often as the moths need to be able to feed in their short life cycle. However, Lady Luck has been kind and we have seen all these new ones plus many other bugs. My favourite non winged critter was a tiny green orb weaver spider [luminous green body], but much too fast and too small to photograph!,seen%20from%20underneath%20the%20spider.



  1. Here's a Blog you may find interesting...
    I've been following the Capt. for quite
    a few years now, and even met up one
    morning for breakfast...
    He's also had a very interesting personal

    1. Thanks for that. I have bookmarked it to have a look later. A fellow moth lover I see. Arilx



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