Thursday, 6 May 2021

Wonders in the woodland.

 A new-to-me wood this time full of wonders and delights.

There was a whole carpet of these teeny oak saplings breaking forth from their red acorns. I asked a friend about the unusual colour of them. She didn't know for sure, but thought it might something to do with the levels of tannin in them. These ones are apparently more bitter that their white counterparts and so tend not to get eaten as quickly.

Further into the woods we stumbled upon these sculptures [there were many more] scattered around. I don't know who made them, but there was all sorts. Whoever is the creator of them has a rather lovely open air workshop of dreams. 

The Nan and Grandad names on this handmade bench were Jane and William Knapman. Jane donated this small piece of woodland to the Woodland Trust in 1993 and they are managing it very carefully. William was her husband and we were in "William's Wood". What a beautiful and fitting memorial to make to a loved one.


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