Tuesday 15 June 2021

8 years!

 I find it quite extraordinary to think that 8 years on here I am still writing away and for the majority of the time [I try to ignore those periods of critical self doubt that creep up on me sometimes] still enjoying it. It provides me a space to share a little of my life and a positive record to look back on. In true Aril style by way of a little celebration please allow me to leave you with a couple of treasures from a recent flying visit over to Arundel with my friend WW.

The front door is one of a series of unusual ones dotted around the town centre and the dog boot scraper sits outside the parish church. Looking at how worn its back has become through many years of use another friend mused that perhaps it should now be called a "wear wolf"!

With all that said thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I learn so much from everybody and I really hadn't appreciated what an interractive process blogging is when I started out. Am having a break for a few days, so shall look forwards to returning hopefully with some tales from a different part of the country.



  1. Enjoy your adventure. Look forward to photos.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Aril! Enjoy your break :)

  3. I am glad that I found you. I do have to say you offer up the most interesting little nuggets of knowledge. You, more than almost anyone, have sent me off down google rabbit holes. Thank you! LOL @ 'wear wolf'

  4. Congratulations, Aril, on your 8th anniversary as a blogger! It's good to know you find it as rewarding as those of us who share your views and experiences online! I do enjoy the little treasures you uncover, such as this doggie boot scraper: the smith who made it was smiling.


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