Monday 7 June 2021

Getting lost.....

This weekend I was due to be meeting a friend, but she was poorly and going for a walk which in the end didn't happen. Instead I treated myself to a greenman incense burner [as you do] and a long overdue trip to the library. The last bit proved to be the death knell for any outings we might have made as I got lost in a book and have been reading wherever possible between chores. Being rather out of practice I appear to have popped my holiday head on for a dry run before the real deal later this month.😁 

The chaps have been merrily beetling about doing their own thing, whilst I have stayed chez nous and enjoyed my own company for a change.



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    1. Post Mortem by Patricia Cornwell. This was the first crime novel written in the genre that seems to familiar these days, but it's the one that inspired so many of the other crime writers like Val McDermid. Arilx


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