Thursday 10 June 2021

Turn left.

 The instructions were clear as day....when you get to the seafront at Rustington turn left.....why oh why then did the three of us turn right. Who knows!! Thankfully it was a happy accident because it brought us upon these lovelies.

These ones are council owned, but I am endlessly fascinated by the decorative choice people make when they are truly given free rein. One wonders how we'd all really paint the exterior of our homes if we weren't so worried about what others might think. I strongly suspect mine would be a riot of colour🌈. 

The beach hut evolved from the 18th century mobile changing rooms which started to be seen at the coastal resorts as the Doctors of the day began prescribing medicinal cold seawater dips to their patients. The Victorians then rebranded them as wheeled bathing machines which were pulled into the sea to allow the fairer sex to keep their modesty and not be seen walking down the beach in any form of improper clothing. Men of course could freely canter into the water at their such prudery for them. The heyday of the beach hut was in the 1950s, but judging by some of the ten year waiting lists or the eye watering prices some are prepared to pay they are still very popular. Actually I have a sneaking suspicion that they might even be rather hip...I base this judgement solely upon the fact that TYM took a photo and posted it up on his insta account and he hardly ever bothers to post anything on social media! Indeed he got a response back from one of this mates immediately asking if he'd like to go down again and that's exactly where he went last night. With somewhat better/warmer weather than we had too I hasten to add. Jammy devil!!

I hope that I might be able to seek out a few more shortly.



  1. Beach hut prices have shot up in Felixstowe where we had one for a couple of years when Colin was ill.
    The expenses don't stop with the buying - that's another problem.

    1. My dad's family had one when he was a child, but it was a very simple affair. Arilx

  2. Your post has reminded me that beach huts over in Saltburn are available to hire. I am going to have a look and see what the costs are for the day.

    1. What a lovely thing to do. I didn't realise that you could hire them for the day. Arilx


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