Monday 14 June 2021

Different colourways.

Back to one of my favourite old haunts....not Nymans again I hear you cry😁 Yes the very one....but as ever it is a garden for all seasons and every visit provides a completely fresh experience. This time I was joined by two of my closest friends stretching back to our teenage years. We may not all live locally now [another mutual friend is living abroad at the moment] and meet up as much as perhaps we'd like to, but we're in regular touch and have supported one another through many an escapade and difficulty over the years!

As ever it's the imaginative plantings and the unusual colourways of familiar flowers that capture me. It was commented upon that once upon a time it would have been lads that we would have been comparing notes and gossiping about....nowadays we display the same behaviour, but our interest is concentrated on what's growing in the borders instead!!


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