Friday 24 September 2021

Flat Cap Required

If you fancy a coffee from this particular gaff it looks like you're going to need to don your flat cap to get served😉

Sorry about the ghastly picture quality...we were waiting at the junction to turn right onto Kensington High Street....never an easy thing to achieve at the best of times and certainly not during the rush hour....I had plenty of time to snap this whilst we waited our turn [I wasn't the one driving]. Have a great weekend.



  1. Excellent - we look for that kind of imaginative business nsming here but the custom in Greek seems to be use the proprietors name, and in English they sometimes miss the effect of idiom - like the sports shoe shop called Athletes Foot. During the height of COVID lockdowns we found a cafe called COFFIT - also not probably what they intended when they decided to name it in English to convey their sophistocation!

  2. I love things like this - there are some clever folk about :)

  3. I must be tired. I thought you were after a cat flap! x

  4. Sounds like you'd come out of there with a bounce in your step. lol

  5. Ok, you have to tell me what a flat cap is. Ignorantly American here. Is the coffee shop a play on Peeky Blinders?

    1. It's based on the UK show Peaky Blinders. The gang all wear flat caps. Sorry sometimes these things don't translate well do they! Arilx


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