"Found U some blog content"

 That was the message on my phone on Sunday morning with a series of photos taken by TYM on his way back from the pub on Saturday night. What might you imagine would a fairly typical 23 year old lad be taking pictures of for his dear old Mother.....this!

One of those decorated post box toppers I am so fond of....clearly I have trained the boy well😆 As this is close to home, but I had completely managed to miss it I went back to have a look in the daylight yesterday on my way home from work.

Much to my glee there was this one just round the corner too.

The attached label was addressed to the world leaders at the current COP26 in Glasgow and calls for real action to be taken. It's good to see the WI using craftivism to get its point across and it's got local people talking about it.

I don't think that TYM will be making a regular contribution to the blog content somehow, but he was quite chuffed that he had managed to spot something before me!!



  1. My boys occasionally send me photos and say ... any good?
    They too has me galloping off to check out said possibility. (Mine are 23 and 21) so I suspect we have done a good job at 'training' them well😄

    1. I rather like it when it does occasionally happen. More often it's when he's out on a hike with my Dad. Arilx

  2. Not sure if the Government will take notice. They haven't done a thing to remove plastic except remove the cheaper bags in the supermarkets and replace them with more expensive PLASTIC one's. I am always complaining in the supermarkets but the complaints fall on stony ground.
    I do love the crochet covers though.

    1. The supermarkets are now supposed to be collecting the soft plastics for recycling, but two of the major ones are sending it all out to a company in Poland and then refusing to reveal what's happening to it then. I am very aware of greenwash. Arilx

  3. Replies
    1. If it's a way of engaging with people it's got to be worth a punt I'd say. Arilx

  4. I'm tempted to crochet a Christmas themed topper for our local post box... and I just might. :-)

    1. There has been another whole crop appear, but done anonymously. People love spotting them. Arilx


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