Friday 26 November 2021

Zooming in.

 Once a month I clean for for a lady who has three of the teeniest cats I've ever seen. Although they are fully grown they all had a really rough start to their lives and ending up being rescue kittens. One has a thing about helping you out when you're my client's case she hops up onto her shoulder when she's working from home on the computer [even during a job interview she had earlier in the year!] However, this little soul doesn't show any was quite a shock when I was crouched down in the kitchen one day and she did the same to me! It's not something that any of the cats I've had over the years have ever done. One of her absolute favourite work related activities she enjoys is participating in online meetings....when I saw this it reminded me of her antics!

Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Yup - that is about the sum of it. I, the Tigger, also like computer screens, keyboards, Zoom meetings etc, but I am too big to sit or ride on shoulders these days; I just park myself front and centre.

    1. We had to make sure that Humphrey was settled and asleep when my son had his job interview earlier this year online in his bedroom. Arilx

  2. They sound quite sweet. My sister's cat hid all day yesterday for Thanksgiving- no people other than her family.


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