Thursday, 13 January 2022

January sun

 Evening....I'm back🌞 Thank you so much for all your lovely messages. We had the dreaded blue screen on the pc last Friday and as people know that's normally the death knell for any computer.....big bill expected at the very least.

We are incredibly fortunate that we have a man who can near us and he's anything but a rip-off merchant. He runs a rather antiquated computer repair shop in the parade of shops near us on the outskirts of town and only deals in cash and cheques. Having dropped off our poorly machine on Monday, he rang yesterday with the excellent news that it wasn't the hard drive causing the problems, but a build up of software corruptions which he's cleared for us. My win on the premium bonds covered his bill with a tenner to spare. 

So now it's back to normal and I have been relishing the sunshine of the last two days even if I've only been seeing it through the my clients' windows! As ever my taking of photos which amuse me has not abated and I would happily give this car a home. There'd be no chance of me forgetting where I'd parked it in the supermarket carpark would there!!

Have a great weekend and I'll be back next week.



  1. I had a yellow beetle for about four years. It was a fun drive! Good news on the computer. I've been using my daughters since mine died in 2019.

  2. Lovely to have you back! Well done on the windfall, it sounds like it arrived just at the right time! xxx

  3. So that's what I need to do ti the car...couldn't quite remember where mine was yesterday! x

    1. I'm ok when it's just our car, but when I used to borrow my parents' car sometimes I have been known to look for the wrong car in the carpark! Arilx



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