Thursday, 20 January 2022


 Grey them or loathe them they're here to stay. At one level I curse them for gnawing through my bird feeders, but I do enjoy their acrobatic displays and their cheekiness. If I do get a bit grumpy our ones just nip through the hedgehog hole in the bottom of the fence and bide their time until I've gone back inside. They're opportunists and I've always understood that if I want a wildlife friendly garden then I can't then pick and choose who visits. Besides it's spurred on to get a genuinely squirrel-proof feeder so the little birds still get their fair share and everyone gets fed. If you notice any of our bushy tailed friends hurling themselves around the tree tops January is the month of the aboreal dance when the males chase each other to get mating rights. The kittens will be born about 10 weeks later. I have to say they do provide some good entertainment through the living room window😀


PS I think Scrat from Ice Age might have been the inspiration for this particular one. Those acorns are rather large!


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    1. I rather like them even though they are quite annoying. Arilx

  2. I do like them! I've always had a soft spot for squirrels of all kinds. DO you remember that TV series they did about them in the 80's or 90's called 'Daylight Robbery' where they did Squirrel assault courses to the Mission Impossible theme? Loved that!!!


Just chillin'

This view just made me smile. Seen in London on a warm sunny day. Have a great weekend everyone. Arilx