Friday, 28 January 2022

Magic Moments

"I don't like weirdos" said one of my clients last month. I had to laugh as I commented "well you've got a weird cleaner!". He and I have very different views, but we get along well and I'm there to work not challenge him. However, I have taken a secret delight when he asked about the Halloween wedding and I said the bride wore black and then about being in Mythago. I said "you won't like that because we wear black masks", but he wanted to see a photo anyway. He just raised his eyebrows. I was quite surprised then when he bought me a box of Black Magic along with a bottle of vino for Christmas. Upon my return in the New Year I thanked him for the gifts. "Have you eaten the chocolates?" he asked...."I chose that brand specially because they seemed rather apt for you" as he smiled at me devilishly👿😉

Have a great weekend....I shall not be practising of the dark arts I should hasten to add!



  1. Well, it seems as if you've worked magic on your client!

  2. I prefer people who play their own tune, even if it's different from mine. Aren't we all weirdos to someone else? It's good that he appreciates you enough to give you gifts.


Just chillin'

This view just made me smile. Seen in London on a warm sunny day. Have a great weekend everyone. Arilx