Monday 23 May 2016

Going Wild

These past few months have been slightly odd in some ways. It feels, as I approach 50, many of my friends are at pivotal points in their lives...offspring have arrived at adulthood in one piece and are finishing college [my son finished on Friday], leaving home and sadly some relationships [marriages of many years] are coming to an end. In my own small way I do my best to support people. Walking in nature seems to be particularly therapeutic. Sometimes we talk about personal matters....sometimes the change in scenery brings a much needed distraction and a chance to relax. I've met up with my very close friend H several times over the last few months as she's come to terms with her new personal situation and it's been good to see her cope and adapt during that period. Yesterday was her choice of walk.....

Burton Park near Petworth was our starting point. Ancient Horse Chestnuts...rather like Trigger's Broom, they seem intent on a cycle of self renewal, for whilst the original tree dies off new growth replaces it. Some of the other examples had new trunks sprouting forth.

The Drinker's Moth caterpillar...rather a fine fellow.

Bracken unfurling from tight, spiral fronds.

The perfect Morris Dancer's Tree....yes the hanky tree!

There is a calmness to this time of the year before the vibrancy and riot of summer colour is unleashed. We have already planned and set the date for our next adventure. Fingers crossed that the Weather Gods play ball!


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  1. I fully believe in going wild - it is good for the soul and means I don't have to brush my hair!


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