In and Out the Dusty Bluebells.

My last two Sundays have comprised in part of meeting with Ice Badger and another former dancing chum K for a walk along the disused railway line near us. Now when I say "walk" what I actually meant is chatter, cackle, cake and stroll....approximately in that order.

The first walk was cool, but this week it was glorious. Heading off in the opposite direction this week, the path took us straight through swathes of glorious bluebells. Up close we were able to catch wafts of their heady scent as well as enjoying the sheer beauty of them. I gather it's been a fantastic year for them....I can well believe it.

The white flowers are wood anemones.



  1. Our bluebells are way way behind, only beginning to open and only on the sunnier banks, so this weekend I hope to go and find some cowslips, anemones and primroses!

  2. Dusty? We sang "dusky bluebells..."

  3. So did we FD but when I googled it all the lyrics said dusty so it's anyone's guess as to which version is right!


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