Saturday 7 May 2016


When you google the word "grey" one of the definitions that comes up is "without interest and colour; dull and non descript." I beg to differ.

This jackdaw turns that idea completely on its head as far as I'm concerned. He is absolutely stunning in his multi hued grey plumage and a cheeky fellow to boot. I am used to the occasional robin joining me on my picnic table, but this is a first for me and I was a tad startled to encounter him when I turned round to see what the noise was! These avian marauders are very accustomed to stealing a bite of lunch from the human visitors at the Weald and Downland museum.



  1. We get robins, even cardinals, but have never seen this guy. Maybe their not North American.

  2. Beautiful birds, but slightly sinister.

  3. Grey! Non descript? Wash your mouth out! xxx


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