Sunday 20 November 2016

Not Beige.

In the teenogre's estimation Gnat Bottomed Towers is full of some "weird sh*t"...personally I prefer the term "unusual", but hey I'm not a hip 18 year old lad am I. I did have to laugh when he said that he bans any of his mates from touching either the dollshouse, that "weird goblin thing"....weird goblin thing? What!! You mean that beautiful gargoyle your Mother knitted with her own fair hands....the one where she put issued expletives in combinations that even you hadn't heard as she grappled with the indecipherable instructions [knitting patterns completely fox me]

Or this....

Now I absolutely love this and always have done since the first time I clapped eyes on it at a folk festival years ago. Mr GBT had exactly the same reaction and back in the day when we were flush we bought it on the spot. Its familiarity means I don't even really "see" it's just there. Guaranteed though its presence is brought back into sharp relief when somebody new crosses the threshold. Invariably they comment upon it and there's no holding back...people tell me immediately whether they love it or loathe it. It's not an item which provokes a beige definitely black or white. Others, I have discovered, hold very strong opinions on all matters arachnid!



  1. Love the arachnid art {{gg}}, my other half would hate it :). It has taken me YEARS to train him to let me know if there is a spider in the bathroom so I can rescue it rather than him try and kill it.

  2. Wee bit scared of spiders after being bitten and ending up in casualty where a dr was summoned immediately and proudly stated that he could even see the teeth marks in my knee...I had been bitten around eight times and swelled up like a balloon...with top lip going numb I drove myself to sorry not for me! x

    1. Blimey I'm not surprised...flipping heck!!



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