Thursday 17 November 2016


In a bid to declutter even more I have spent a couple of hugely thrilling sessions up in the loft identifying old paperwork which can be shredded and recycled. All these rummagings have produced other things which I had forgotten about.....

My son's first pair of shoes. I remember my Mum suggesting that I keep them because "one day you will never believe he was so small." She was quite right of course......

I can only apologise for the state of the teenogre's current pair. I did suggest he might like to polish them before he next wears them to work...."yes Mum" he replied in that kind of "yes Mum, no Mum, three bags full Mum" way they adopt when they're planning to do nothing of the sort....any parent of this age group will be familiar with it!! It has been known for him to crack open the tin of wax once in a while so you never know....stranger things have happened!



  1. My daughter gets in those more often lately. She's still aa petit thing but has long feet. We have a pair of her booties that a teddy bear now sports.

  2. Haha! I had to laugh as my son uses the same sort of tone, but with a false USA accent '...yes Motherrr...' so I always know that he just won't do it!. He's in London tonight for only the third time since we came to France. I told him to take his warm coat, and on watching the UK weather report, I see it is going to be a cold weekend. It remains to be seen whether or not I will say '...told you so...'!

    1. You will probably be right....mine wears a short sleeved t shirt with a thin bomber coat when it's brassic...I think by the time he's had several bevvies though the alcohol warms him up!!

  3. When our eldest was needing a first pair of wellies we bought some from a car hood ones...each child used them in turn and they live now in our porch...I wonder if grandchildren will wear them one day? x


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