Simple Things....

Supposedly simple things please simple minds. I am disproportionately proud of my achievement of getting the apple peel off in one's the proof.....

A similar rush was achieved by my successful mission to get to the crust of the baguette yesterday as well. Yes I know I should share....on occasion I do. However, it's all out warfare here for the honour....all manner of dirty tricks are employed to claim it for yourself. Yesterday I won!

Hmmm I think the old adage perhaps could have been written about me....;-)



  1. Replies
    1. My stomach rules my head all the and the thought of a treat provides the greatest motivation!

    2. I'll share your baguette - you can have the 2 ends and I'll tuck into the middle. We must be made for each other. Perhaps we could share a box of chocolates - I'll go for the soft centres. What about you? :)

    3. So long as I can have a caramel or a Turkish Delight I am happy with whatever you don't want!


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