Sunday 16 April 2017

Going For Gold

Hope everybody is having a relaxing break. My plan for today is to remain horizontal for as long as I can decently get away with it having had a couple of busier days so far.

Yesterday we were here at Dorney Lake where the 2012 rowing was held.

'Twas another day of blue face paint and running Smurfs. One more to go. He's still very embarrassed when he's in costume and once again he was the only one. He did relax a bit though when he realised that he had kudos with the little ones there when he was asked by one of the parents if they could take his photo with them. I am delighted that he's now exceeded his fundraising target.

 Ah yes that will be the gold phone box I saw on the way in through Eton just before we got there. This celebrates the success of ex pupil Constantine Louloudis who won a bronze medal in the coxless four. It's used as a book share now. We were waiting in a queue so my son just snapped it quickly on his phone for me.

Speak soon.


  1. Well done that Smurf, it is more that just the running. We've a gold post box in our nearest town, it has faded to a dingy dull colour now. Not sure what paint they used but it certainly doesn't have staying power...


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