Tuesday 25 April 2017

It's a tough gig....

...but hey somebody has to dance with this lot. I shall heave my carcass out of bed at some ungodly hour on Monday [having had a late night Saturday and an even earlier start on Sunday....this 50 year old bird is mighty glad she has a day off on Tuesday to recover👵], strap on some bells and do some stick clashing whilst accompanied by this lot down at Hastings. Of course, I don't enjoy it one little bit😆

Kempshott Hunt. Recorded at our local on Saturday. The dancers are to be seen "relaxing" [drinking in popular parlance] in the background having done two sets in unexpectedly warm temperatures. Another really great stand.



Not going to the art gallery.

 Mr GBT didn't really want to visit an art gallery whilst we were in the Midlands last month....he's a clever fellow though and dist...